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television-programsTelevision programs for children are television programs designed for and marketed to children, normally broadcast during the morning and afternoon. Many people are concerned that younger generation behind in the field of science. Schools teach science subjects, but some only have time to touch on the minimum requirements, and the children are not exposed enough to create a strong interest. Parents can start an early exposure to science in their children by allowing them to watch television that teaches science. Therefore, parents should help pick out a decent television program on the watch for their children, not only help you select, but also accompany them or participate in enjoying the program, so between parents and their children will emerge emotional connection strong. Parents will better understand the character of their children.

The most favorite program for children is an animation program, which the characters are also mostly cute animals, like dogs, cats, rabbits or even the ancient animals, which later became the science for them to know what that ancient animal. There are many things parents can do to spark interest in science in their children. Managing the children is very open to new topics, and parents can use the programs on PBS, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon as a means to expose their children to science education.


Television is a broadcast picture tentacle. The word television comes from the words “tele” and “vision”, which means each distance (tele) and looks (vision). So television means visible or can be seen from a distance. In the discovery a lot of inventors are involved. Beginning from the television would not be separated from the basic discovery, law of electromagnetic waves discovered by Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday (1831), which is the beginning of the era of electronic communication.

Development of the invention begins with creating a television camera selenium can cause a person described seeing waves of electricity. And the term first appeared on television in 1900 put forward by Constatin Perskyl fromRussiaat the International Congress of Electricity. After tens of years doing research, plasma screen project finally finished Larry Weber. He succeeded in creating a more stable plasma screen and brilliant. Finally, in the decade 2000, each type of screen technology more and more refined.

Both the LCD Plasma and CRT continues to give final products are more perfect than ever. It is true that many peoples say that the resulting picture LCD and Plasma TVs have higher resolutions. But the weakness is the time or age of the TV can not live long if we wear them constantly when compared with CRT TV or what is known as a regular television that people use in general.