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lcd-monitorTelevision is an excellent advertising medium; it could affect huge numbers of consumers. Moreover, television is seen sailing flat and has a high resolution, not like the old type anymore. We can see almost every types of television with a very clear display, ad player with a pretty face, handsome and attractive attention. The skin is white, clean glow, with a showcase of products they are using. Many consumers would be interested in taking a product ad that a player was a charming in its ad. In fact it is actually a trick of the thickness, of the make up, skill in playing the camera and displayed on high resolution television. The genera rules that we always hear is ‘a good pictures say more than a thousand words’. With television as a good medium for this kind of ad, they capture the audience attentions very well.

At this time, a new technology development was getting in to television technology and that technology is LCD technology. We can find LCD television easily that we will really enjoy watching, the more real pictures, letting you alone to choose a large size, will further add to your comfort. You gather with your family in the living room while enjoying family events in your LCD TV. It’s a pleasure to spend sometimes with your family. Almost every television manufacturers at this time had produced this type of LCD television. The next generation of television will add more value to the consumers while they can enjoy watching television in 3 dimensions.