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LCD TV is a television that uses LCD technology (Liquid Crystal Display) to produce images and video display that is lighter and slimmer. Early development of LCD televisions from CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), which is used for all televisions and computer screens. And until technology finds a more flat screens, thinner and lighter than CRT. CRT and LCD has the distinction of CRT using electrons fired into the screen so that the dye into an image. LCD has a constant light in the rear where the intensity of brightness to be different because of the closure or blockage of the molecules to light passing through the panel.

Early emergences of LCD technology still used for computers, but in line with the research and discoveries continue to be done, and then the television screen can also use the LCD. Since then, the production of flat screen televisions with increased rapidly, even still today.

Having an LCD TV for home theater system is an option that most of people choose. And combining with superb home audio system, it will make a perfect time to enjoy watching movies in our home. If you are looking for home audio system, many resources we can find online and one of them is this subwoofer audio site. There are a lot of useful information there you can get to decide which audio system that you like the most.


Increasingly, we can find in the market many type of television produced. We had know television from old era, but maybe the television still black and white, whether you ever watch it? You only see the picture in two colors, black and white. If the dark color like blue, red, brown, you see in old television only black, if the shine color like white, you see still white. But now, you seldom to find the old television, you will often find color television with variance size. And even, you will offer the television with flat screen and with big size. You can imagine if you watch the television? It’s very interesting.

Almost all family has a television in their house. I think this thing has become a primary needs. Many advantages we can take from news in television, we can know something new quickly. You know that, news will be quick spread through television. And advertising can influence most of people from television.