Compare LCD and Plasma TV

Posted on: 09/17/2010

You like watching TV? What kind TV you have? LCD TV or plasma TV? Now many people change their plasma TV with LCD TV, although they do not know why they change their TV. And now let us compare LCD plasma TV, we see the superabundance and the lack of this two electronic devices. The first, plasma TV given different contras of colour black and white prefer than LCD TV. This lack of LCD TV will see exactly if we see from corner out LCD TV which matches. The second, plasma TV bring out the first light colour; the colour is matching with room situation. And LCD TV is bringing out good colour at the room light. Plasma TV have corner of see 160 degrees. It means, we can watch on the TV.

LCD TV is better than plasma TV, LCD TV has complete details. Like computer. Although plasma TV also completed, but LCD still better than plasma for their looks. Plasma TV has good image, and have high contras. LCD TV has shadow follow the image. But plasma TV and LCD TV have the same time in their life. Depend on the model. Plasma TV uses two times power than LCD TV. And LCD TV has high resolution.


1 Response to "Compare LCD and Plasma TV"

This was my first full size HDTV. Has plenty of features others do not for this price. The picture is excellent when you get a HDTV Signal form Cable or Antenna. Many users do not understand why tv shows do not look as good when it was not made or broadcast as HD. My screen did not get any dead or stuck pixels. Menu system is very easy to use and understand. The TV Menu Guide is very big and easy to read from accross my room. This remote control has all the function laid out properly and has backlight for use in the dark room. Nice to have 4 HDMI inputs for all my electronics. This even has a network jack to connect on your home network and plays your MP3 and Video files.

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